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 my story

I am a  Publicist and Film Maker, i used to work for advertising and events in Barcelona- Spain for more than 10 years.During the last seven years i´ve been working  as a Creative Producer  and  Founder of a multidisciplinary team with roots in graffiti art.Creativos en Colmena was born in late 2012 Caracas Venezuela, my hometown.

This project  aims to improve public spaces and inspire the community inhabitants.We have also worked on human issues that help peolple´s understanding and respect. Supported in the most diverse disciplines such as multimedia, performance, land art,happenings, workshops,talks,etc.
We develop our work mainly in the public space.We have carried out projects around the country.

I believe Art is a vehicle for rising awareness that have both psychological and sociological positive connotations as they give the perception of the world as an habitable place.

I am passionate about developing innovative and creative projects that are informed by contemporary art practices. Creating exploratory forms of communication and expression and connecting with community and places are where I best excel.I have been very fortunate with the work I have been able to participate in these past years, and am continuing to build a public art portfolio and work with artists whose visions are making our urban landscape inspiring.

I am an artist at heart and am proud to have founded Creativos en Colmena thriving public art focused in  the development of communities and the evolution of human consciousness.


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