Barrio Buenos Aires

In February 2013 we were fortunate to perform a street art intervention in the vicinity of the Sta. Rosalía Parish; Specifically in the square of the Buenos Aires neighborhood.
Our proposal; A choral project that consisted of making a portrait of the inhabitants of the community and translating them into one of the walls of the entrance plaza to the sector, a piece that reflected them as they are.The commission was entrusted to us by the Bank of Economic and social development in Latin America BANDES.


From the review of the historical memory of the place we decided to "weave" the imaginary of the neighborhood through music and joy. Our protagonists: Musicians residing in the place and the presence of a character that illustrates the character of cooperation and love for the community.

Olga Pérez "Chupetica" is one of many anonymous Venezuelan heroines.
In the pre-production journey we had a "meeting" with the sounds of the street. Which was one, fundamental determinant; In the realization of this audiovisual piece. The musicians decided to spontaneously give us what they call a: Vente tú !. Recorded with direct sound and converted into the soundtrack of the video.

The portrait of the neighbors always present, cooperative and warm. The indelible experiences of having developed this project in your space. They are basically the values ​​that we want to communicate.

The images speak for themselves of the meeting between those who were lucky enough to work in this special place, and the inhabitants of it. And the fruit of the work done jointly that gives rise to a piece for the enjoyment of all.

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