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Codazzi Street

In a small town near Caracas is a very special place, it is Amaranta House of Hummingbirds, a self-sustaining initiative carried out by a family that given the natural conditions of the environment, began to carry out a conservation and birding project , With the peculiarity that the space receives more than 18 different species of Hummingbirds per year and more than 200 species of various birds and animals.For a couple of years I collaborated with them and with Audubon in promoting the observation and conservation of species.


The first thing was to contact the local children, who meet once a week at Amaranta Hummingbird House, to learn about nature and conservation.

We talked about the visual contamination in the city, about urban art and how much it can contribute in our lives using it correctly.

We draw a lot and we create the sketch of the work that we would do.
The result of this joint work was the recovery of a space that generated no interest and its transformation as a playground for all.

It should be noted that this mural was made with the collaboration of our friends which contributed their talents and resources to make this work possible. The inspiration generated by this initiative mobilized the resources and in less than two weeks we carried out both the production of the Workshops as the intervention of space.Including a couple of Sponsors.

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