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 Creativos en Colmena

Visually sensitives to the landscape

In 2012 I was in Caracas, after having lived for fifteen years in Europe, where I trained as an audiovisual director.
When I arrived in my country as normal I found a reality very different from the one I had left, I also got groups and initiatives that sought to re-connect the individual with the public space.

 Unfortunately Caracas is today one of the most dangerous cities in the world, marked by politics and polarization. However, it is also a space where creativity flourishes in every corner and in every neighborhood.

I found friends with artists, creators and conscientious activists who, as I had the need to generate new contents for life in the city, initially we came together with the only interest to take art to the street as a mechanism of liberation and expansion of The conscience and the sense of belonging.

 Thus was born Creativos en Colmena, an initiative that flourished thanks to the common work and the creative will and the idea of ​​putting ourselves in the shoes of others in order to be able to better understand the reality that surrounded us, and to provide a voice to those who do not have one.

 Creativos en Colmena

Is a nonprofit foundation whose intended to serve as a
platform to creators at diverse disciplines that work in communities in order to generate changes in the public space through participatory art.

We perform collective work; artistic and audiovisual whose aim is theto generate other ways of knowing, communicate, and connect with the narratives of cultural, artistic and urban production in Venezuela and theworld. We carry out murals by street art and cultural happenings in different cities inby creating locations representative of the people which establish new realities in urban spaces.

A convergence point for artists the most diverse disciplines
They have the possibility to coincide a creative basis for plural process the projection of their work and for connecting with othercreators. We work with artists using variety of techniquesoy combiningstyles in a single piece.

The interaction is part of the game. The process of "empowerment" is partof the brooder social process of seeking a place reappropriation a prioriintended to our delight (of the citizenry) Is why we involve residents of the
places where we work actively in our process.

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