A refugee is; A woman who wants to be free; A child who has lost his family fleeing a war, a family that is unable to survive as a result of a fatal drought.
What can you and I do? That the question.

UNHCR, invited us to join its international campaign: Put yourself in the shoes of the refugees, which is focused on sensitizing society to the reality of these people and is done in order to raise funds.

UNHCR's, "Put yourself in their Shoes" campaign, was launched at an international meeting in Brazil  in  November 2013. To support the year-long campaign, people literally slip into a pair of shoes.


The first thing we did was to conduct a series of interviews to create a video in which we talked about this reality, after that we decided to make a mural in front of the most important Mall of the city which became a space multiplier of the piece , As people visiting this place began to take photos and spontaneously initiated a campaign that contributed more than 200 donations to UNHCR during that year.

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